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English presentation workshop by Mr. Yu-Sheng Chang

Tamkang University’s EMI Center invited Mr. Yu-Sheng Chang from the Department of English to hold the “English presentation: practical drills” workshop on May 18 and May 26, in an effort to allow students to become more familiar with making presentations in English and technique for presenting in English.

At the start of the workshop, Mr. Chang showed two different presentations and spoke on the two versions, so that students can compare and understand the differences between the two presentations, as well as the advantages and disadvantages each bring. Mr. Chang then talked about what elements a good
presentation should possess in order to draw people’s attention and ensure that the audience will properly focus on the presentation. Lastly, Mr. Chang let each student prepare a short presentation and speak into a microphone so as to have actual practice in terms of going through the motions of making a presentation, so that students attending the workshop can understand and integrate the skills for English presentation in a short span of time.

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