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淡江大學為響應、支持政府雙語教育政策,參與教育部大專校院學生雙語化學習計畫,特於2021年成立全英語教學推動中心(EMI Center),推動以國際事務學院為主之EMI課程發展,並逐步籌備、推動全校相關之全英語教學規劃,同時協調各相關單位推動EMI課程之教學與相關活動事宜,期能達成淡江大學邁向優質化全英語教學環境之重要推手之一。

The vision of the EMI Center at Tamkang University encompasses enhancing the capacity of faculty to offer EMI courses and equipping students with a good command of English. Through the participation of the Best Programme funded by the Ministry of Education, the EMI Center is expected to foster teaching quality and to improve learning efficiency in the College of International Affairs.