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Emergency Room for Presentation Skills in English






  • 開辦日期:第5週~第17週(10月3日~12月27日)

  • 諮詢時間、老師、地點:週一下午16:10~17:00李佳盈老師  FL714                              

                                               週二上午11:10~12:00林銘輝老師  T1119

                                               週三上午10:10~11:00鍾智林老師  B833

                                               週五上午11:10~12:00林怡弟老師  FL204

  • 諮詢方式:每回諮詢25分鐘,每人每日至多諮詢2回,每學期至多4回。

  • 諮詢人數:一對一 or 團體報告(同組最多可兩人前來共同諮詢)。

  • 預約方式:掃描海報上方QR Code 或利用後方連結: ,填寫預約表單,待中心確認預約成功後,請寄欲接收諮詢的簡報電子檔草稿至

  • 至遲須於預約諮詢日前一天預約。

Do you have a presentation you have to do in English? Do you have to report back in English on stage? Is your English presentation you reading your script verbatim? Do you feel like your brain has been fried and you are still pretending all is well by keeping your head down and reading the script?

Come on over, the Emergency Room for Presentation Skills In English will diagnose your problem and patch you right up!

No matter if it is an oral report in English that plagues undergraduates and postgraduate students alike, the content of a presentation in English where things are just crammed in there every which way, or the life or death situation when you can only read your script from beginning to end when you are on stage, you are welcome to use the EMI Center’s student English presentation consultation service for some much needed help!


  • Available from: Week 5 – 17 (October 3 – December 27)

  • Consultation times, available faculties, venues:                                                            Mondays from 16:10~17:00, Assistant Prof. Ji-ying Lee  FL714

       Tuesdays from 11:10~12:00, Associate Prof. John Ming-huei Lin  T1119
       Wednesdays from 10:10~11:00, Associate Prof. Chih-ling Chung  B833
       Fridays from 11:10~12:00, Prof. Yi-ti Lin  FL204

  • Method of consultation: 30 minutes per session. No more than 2 session per student per day, and a maximum of 4 sessions per semester.

  • Number of students: one-on-one. In the case of a group presentation, no more than 2 people from the group can attend the session.

  • Please make an appointment at least 24 hours prior to the day of the consultation.

  • How to book: Scan the QR Code on the poster, and wait for the email notification from the EMI Center to confirm your appointment. Please also send your PPT file to after the Center has confirmed your booking.

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