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The College of International Affairs, in line with the University's efforts to promote the implementation of the Higher Education Deep Sprout Project on the internationalization level, to enhance the effectiveness of EMI, and to promote EMI-related activities,, held an online meeting for the "EMI teachers group" on November 23, 2021, and invited four faculty members (Ass. Prof. Yi-Mond Yuan of the Graduate Institute of European Studies, Prof. Qing-Shan Hu of Graduate Institute of Japanese Economic and Political Studies, as well as Associate Prof. Shan-Ru Ji and Ass. Prof. Wei-li Chen of the Department of Tourism) who had previously visited Queensland University in Australia to undergo EMI teaching training to each make a 10-15 minute clip to introduce Queensland University and share their experience of the course, which were then played during the event. Those in attendance included all the EMI teachers at Tamkang University.

In his opening remarks, Dean Pao said that this was the first time the event was held, thus it was organized as a group event. In the future, the group will be divided to meet different needs and they can apply to the EMI Center for funding. The faculty is encouraged to join these sub-groups in the future.
During the meeting, Dr. Wei-Li Chen suggested that since no one can go abroad due to the pandemic, would it be possible to communicate with Queensland University to carry out online learning. Dr. Ming Huei-Lin of the EMI Center indicated that the Center will contact Queensland and communicate on this matter.

Vice President Gao-Cheng Wang said in his address that:
1. he would like to thank the College to holding this event, and it was good that many teachers are in attendance. The purpose of the group is to improve the EMI course, the first phase is to use the College of International Affairs as the entity for implementing the strategy, and the instructors of graduate institutes particularly need to starting preparing to raise the percentage of EMI courses and their quality.
2. Online EMI training courses will be held, and all departments/institutes are invited to send one faculty member to participate, with priority given to new members that joined in the past three years.
3. In accordance with the Ministry of Education's "Bilingual Learning Program for Colleges and Universities", the grant recipient universities are required to conduct class observation activities for EMI teachers, in order to facilitate the subsequent annual self-evaluations. The class observation will focus on understanding and evaluating the extent to which teachers use English to teach as well as the proportion of time spent on various teaching activities. This will be conducted by Vice President Gao-Cheng Gao, Dean Cheng-Hao Pao, and EMI teaching and learning section chief Dr. Ming-huei Lin, who will look at the various EMI courses at the College of International Affairs.

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