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全英中心張育聖教師於3月20日受邀帶領本校藍佑鎮同學及張辰榕同學至東吳大學舉辦「全英語授課教學助理(EMI TA)線上培訓工作坊」,全程以英語授課,透過豐富的主題介紹與分組互動培養TA的專業素養與知能,除此之外,本校TA之經驗分享更體現了應用的重要性。期許本次講座能帶給EMI TA對於全英語授課(EMI)教學及管理更完善的訓練,進而增進TA自信心,有效提升整體全英語授課品質與修課學生的全英語學習經驗!

Mr. Yu-Sheng Chang of the EMI Center along with Tamkang students You-Zhen Lan and Chen-Rong Zhang were invited to hold the EMI teaching assistant (TA) online training workshop at Soochow University. The entire event was carried out in English, and the TAs’ expertise and knowledge were cultivated with an abundance of information related to the topic and group interactions. In addition, Tamkang TAs sha their experience to demonstrate the importance of applying these skills. It is hoped that this visit can bring about more EMI teaching and more comprehensive training for EMI TAs, which can in terms boost their confidence, and effectively raise the overall quality of the EMI courses and EMI learning experience of students in these courses!

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