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本校全英語教學推動中心於3月30日舉辦「全英語授課EMI教師研習營」,雷凱老師以「將語言學習策略導入EMI課程中」(Teaching Language Learning Strategies in the EMI Classroom)為主講方向,透過EMI課程三大模組,任務與呈現(Task and Performance)、放聲思考(Think-Aloud)、學生中心(Student-centered),深入剖析與會教師的EMI課程並交流彼此教學經驗。


On March30. 2022, the University’s EMI center held its second EMI training workshop, where Dr. Guy Redmer spoke under the heading of Teaching Language Learning Strategies in the EMI Classroom. The workshop presented three major modules: task and performance, think aloud, and student-centered, through which the EMI courses of the teachers in attendance were analyzed in depth, and also facilitated the exchange of their teaching experiences.

The organizer of this event, Dr. Ming Huei Lin, who is also the chief of the EMI Teaching and Learning Section, explained that the main purpose of the workshop is to increase the teaching know-hows of teachers with EMI courses in TKU, so that they can make necessary adjustments to their teaching model. In the future, the section will continue to support and promote matters related to EMI through the entire university, and all faculty members are more than welcome to join in the effort to promote EMI.

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