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全英中心林銘輝組長參與 Oxford EMI Training

本校全英中心EMI教學及學習組組長於2022五月20-27日,參與Oxford EMI Training線上課程:Online Course for EMI Lecturers East Asia。

林組長表示,該課程由EMI國際專業學者群Julie Dearden、Tom Spain、Kari Sahan設計規劃,於EMI教學理論上提供精闢的見解,更在EMI教學實作上有實際的展開演練,收益良多,期待未來中心持續規劃類似的課程,造福更多有熱情的EMI教師,進而促進選修EMI課程的淡江學子之學習成效。

Dr. Ming-Huei Lin, the chief for the EMI teaching and learning section at Tamkang University’s EMI Center, attended Online course for EMI lecturer East Asia hosted by Oxford EMI Training from May 20-27, 2022.

Section chief Lin stated that the course was planned by an international team of EMI experts including Julie Dearden, Tom Spin and Kari Sahan, who provided their own incisive understanding of EMI teaching theories; along with copious amount of practices and drills that was carried out for teaching practicals, the course was of tremendous benefit. He hopes that the Center will continue to plan similar courses in the future, as they can be of benefit to enthusiastic EMI teachers, who can in turn enhance the learning outcome of Tamkang students enrolled in EMI courses.

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