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全英語教學推動中心於2月17、18日與澳洲昆士蘭學院(Queensland Institute)聯合舉辦「全英語授課教師(EMI教師)研習」,全程透過Google Meet以英語進行教師訓練,總計16位教師參與。


On February 12-18, the EMI Center joined the Queensland Institute in Australia to hold the EMI lecturer workshop. The entire event was held on Google Meet in English, and 16 lecturers were in attendance.

The teacher workshop was lead by the lecturer for Queensland Institute, Fiona, going from framework of basic EMI theory, to effective interactions in class, and the role of English in specialized academic courses, as well as using actual teaching drills to highlight the connection between teaching and technology through interactive website, all to allow the establishment of diverse teacher-student interaction models in class. The lecturers in attendance offer much praise for the workshop, and thanked EMI Center for organizing the event.

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