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College of International Affairs, Tamkang University
EMI course end-of-semester student symposium for 2nd semester
of the 2021 academic year



The College of International Affairs, in line with the University's efforts to promote the bilingual learning program of the Ministry of Education, to enhance the effectiveness of EMI, and to promote EMI-related activities, held the end-of-semester EMI student symposium on June 1, 2022, with undergraduates of the College and Master’s students taking EMI courses in attendance.

In his opening remarks, Dean Pao said that through this seminar today, he hopee that if the students have any questions about the promotion of bilingual learning programs, to please bring them up for discussion and they will be brought to the relevant meetings in the College for consideration. If students do not have any questions today, but there are any suggestions regarding the teaching methodology or the promotion of affairs in the College in the future, they should feel free to contact him through various channels, and the Dean will strive to respond to and process such matters.

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