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The College of International Affairs, Tamkang University
end-of-semester EMI teacher symposium for the 2nd semester
of the 2021 academic year






On May 31, 2022, the College of International Affairs, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education's Bilingual Learning Program, and in order to promote EMI-related activities in order boost the effectiveness of EMI, held EMI teacher end-of-term symposium, with all full-time faculty of the College attending the event.

The meeting was chaired by Vice President Gao-Cheng Wang as Dean Pao was on leave for official business, and it was hoped that through the symposium, The faculty members can exchange opinions on matters related to the promotion of the bilingual learning program.

During the meeting, Dr. Chieh-Cheng Huang and Director Ming-hsien Wong of the Graduate Institute of International Affairs and Strategic Studies, Dr. Chi-Keung Li of the Graduate Institute of China Studies, and Dr. Cui Lin of the Graduate Institute of European Studies, made the following suggestions and shared their view:

1. The problem of EMI teaching at the college is that it is smaller than other colleges, but many faculties in the graduate institutes (including the doctoral program) still face great difficulties, and teachers and students need to adapt to the adjustment. It is only possible to keep reminding and encouraging students to use English more, and faculty members are very willing to cooperate with the University policy to achieve the goal, but the University should also be more understanding and reduce the stress from teaching these courses.
2. The English level of students in the Graduate Institute of China Studies are usually not great, and only one student took the course last semester, while only two students took the course this semester, not to mention they are older in age and are working students, so the promotion of the EMI courses also caused a lot of pressure on the Institute.
3. Graduate Institute of International Affairs and Strategic Studies offered an EMI course in the PhD program the last semester, and there were more foreign students, and there was an TA to help provide students with information to do pre-class prepping, but there is still a need to encourage students, and to allow local and foreign students to learn from each other.

Dr.Ming-hui Lin, section chief of the EMI Center responded as follows: The EMI Center will continue to organize various training courses and activities, and teachers are encouraged to participate in them and to share, learn and exchange with each other to promote the EMI program.

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