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本校推動全英語教學 培養優質教學助理

【本報訊】全英語教學推動中心籌備處10月17日舉辦「全英語教學助理研習營」,全程透過MS Teams以英語進行,共20位教學助理參與。國際事務副校長王高成致詞時說明,本校獲教育部大專校院學生雙語化學習計畫補助,為使全英語教學(English as a Medium of Instruction,EMI)課程能發揮教學效益,特別補助授課教師教學助理(Teaching Assistant,TA)期望這些由國際事務學院EMI授課教師舉薦的助理們能認真研習及協助教學。

活動籌辦人英文系副教授林銘輝說明,為使EMI課程順利推動,TA的養成相當重要,該研習營目的在於專注培養其心態、知能、英語溝通力,以從旁協助EMI課程教學之展開,他也鼓勵EMI TA未來多參與中心舉辦的研習及社群活動,以精進學科專業及英語力。

研習營由EMI專業講師張育聖擔綱主講,從人格特質、學習風格、及真實案例切入,並藉由活動帶出EMI TA之責任與角色,及如何協助EMI課程之教學互動與科技教育應用。參與的教學助理們大多肯定活動的內容,感謝主辦單位的安排及講師的分享,讓他們能夠學到更多協助教學方法及工具的應用,也更清楚在課程中所扮演的角色,將會好好的將其運用在課堂上,協助教師們提升學生們的學習成效。

Tamkang University cultivates high quality teaching assistant in the promotion of English as a Medium of Instruction

Tamkang University’s EMI Center held the EMI teaching assistant workshop on October 17; the entire event was conducted in English and took place online via MS Teams. A total of twenty teaching assistants attended the workshop. In his address, Professor Kao-cheng Wang, the Vice President for International Affairs, explained that Tamkang University has received subsidies from the Ministry of Education’s Program on Bilingual Education for Students in College, and in order to make sure English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI) courses can properly demonstrate their effectiveness and benefits in teaching, special subsidies are offered to the teaching assistants (TAs) in the hope that the TAs recommended by EMI lectures of the College of International Affairs can studious learn from the workshop and assist with teaching through
the semesters.

The organizer of the event, Associate Professor Ming-Huei Lin from the Department of English, explained that for the smooth promotion of EMI courses, the cultivation of TAs is extremely important, and the goals of the workshop is focused on the cultivation of the assistants’ mentality, knowledge, and English communication abilities, so as to assists with the development of EMI courses and teachings. He also encourages EMI TAs to participate in more workshops and community activities held by the EMI Center in the future, so that they can continue to refine their abilities both in their specialized disciplines and general English usage.

The workshop was conducted by Mr. Yu-Sheng Chang, a lecturer specializing in EMI teaching. He spoke on personality traits, learning styles and actual cases, and used activities to highlight the roles and responsibilities of EMI TAs, how to assist with teaching interactions in EMI courses and the application of education technologies. Most of the TAs in attendance affirmed the usefulness of the evet,
and thanked the organizers for setting up the event and the speaker’s sharing, which allows them to learn about more ways to assist with teaching and the applications of various tools, and for them to better understand the roles they play in the courses. They will strive to apply what they learned in the classes they assist on, in order to help teaching staff raise the learning efficiency of students in these courses.

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