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English resume workshop by Mr. Yu-Sheng Chang

Tamkang University’s EMI Center invited Mr. Yu-Sheng Chang from the Department of English to hold the “Writing and Revising an English Resume” workshop on May 19 and May 25, where he guided students to understand and write a resume that is appropriate to their academic or work needs. Mr. Chang engaged with the students during the workshop and through Q&As, so that students can come away with the basic information on writing a resume and how most companies evaluate resumes.

During the workshop, Mr. Chang used a resume he wrote as an example, explaining what features a resume should have, and reminds students not to commit some of the fatal flaws when writing resumes. Lastly, he asked the students to actually list their own academic qualification and experiences, their unique characteristics, and to compose their own resume, which should be submitted as homework within one week of the workshop. The students attending the workshop were highly satisfied with the event, and indicated that Mr. Chang’s talk provided highly detailed and practical advice, providing much benefits to them.

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