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EMI 全英語授課經驗分享:

時 間:2022/03/22 ( 12:00 ~ 13:00 )
地 點:覺生綜合大樓I501
主 講 人:國企系孫嘉祈主任
主辦單位 :教發中心






Sharing on the EMI teaching experience: College of Business Management courses as examples

The Center for Teacher Professional Development under the Office of Academic Affairs at TKU invited Professor Chia-chi Sun, the chair of Department of International Business, to share on his superb English teaching skills and experience in order to enhance students' learning motivation.
Time: March 22, 2022 (12:00-13:00)
Venue: I501, TKU
Speaker: Prof. Chia-chi Sun, chair of Department of International Business
Organizer: Center for Teacher Professional Development

The seminar was held on March 22, 2022, where Professor Chia-chi Sun from the Department of International Business spoke on his own experiences in EMI teaching, and introduced the design of activities used when teaching his courses. He also looked at the current situations and analyzed the trends in EMI teaching, so as to offer related advice to the teachers in attendance, and provided many presentation techniques for class in order to raise student’s concentration when it comes to learning.

Goals for promoting EMI courses
At the start of the seminar, Professor Sun pointed out the importance and necessity for EMI courses through the data analysis of foreign students at TKU. Then through the development blueprint for the 2030 national bilingual policy to connect with the global stage, raising international competitiveness and other aims to help promote EMI teaching, all of which can help strengthen student’s basic English skills, and attract international corporations to take root in Taiwan.

Course Planning
Next, Professor Sun spoke about areas related to EMI teaching, where the goals involving EMI teaching include guide internationalization, cultivation of talents, and enhancing teaching outcomes, while also explaining the criteria that teachers should have when teaching. He reminds teachers that they should understand the makeup of the class, such as the number of international students, their nationality, etc. and then adjust their class prep time accordingly to make sure they are well-prepared. The University can also provide the appropriate assistance, including training courses, lectures, class observations, and incentive mechanisms etc., in order to help teachers to quickly adapt to the system when they get involved in EMI teaching.

Application of techniques and themes in class
In addition, Professor Sun also shared on various practical techniques that can be used in class, such as pass the ball and raise your placards. These can not only raise the fun factor in class, but also indirectly encourage students to actively speak up. The interactive learning processes can also help increases speaking time between teachers and students to 1:1. The bilateral knowledge transfer provides group and report and discussion time, and through special topic reports, students can learn expert knowledge and better understand international issues at the same time. Lastly, through presentation, students can be encouraged to present and practice their speaking skill, so that the EMI teaching outcomes can be boosted.

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