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本校全英語教學推動中心於3月29日舉辦「全英語授課EMI教師研習營」,邀請英文系張慈珊老師擔任講師並進行教學演示。以「創造互動式口說課室」(Creating an Interactive Speaking Classroom)為題, 以教師演示(Presentation)、課堂演練(Practice)、學生產出(Production),帶領與會教師實際操練教學框架。


On 29 March, 2022, the University’s EMI center held an EMI Training Workshop for Teachers, where Dr. Tzu-Shan Chang of the Department of English was invited as the trainer and carried out teaching demonstrations. Under the topic of Creating an Interactive Classroom, which was then broken up into (teacher) presentation, (classroom) practice, and (student) production, Dr. Chang led teachers attending the workshop in putting these education frameworks into practice.

Vice President Kao-Cheng Wang indicated that this training workshop will act as one of the platforms for EMI teachers to interact with one another, and act as a source of inspiration for EMI teaching models and course planning. It is hoped that EMI courses can be gradually optimized in the future, in order to create a good learning environment.

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