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The Tamkang EMI Center invited Assistant Professor Chieh-Ying Chang from the Department of English to open the course “Dissecting English news writing”, where the students were led to familiarize themselves on the professional broadcasting skills of bilingual news, actual practices in Chinese-English new translations and dissecting the composition of English news.

As Professor Chang was once an English new anchor of the foreign language channel at Shanghai Television, he used his experiences there as an example to explain the technique and key points to note for new broadcasting, as well as using the news reels he featured in for demonstrating enunciation and the tones for emphasizing key issues in the news. Students participating in the lectures were quite satisfied with this series of lectures, and were interest in journalism. They also indicated their intent to work in related sectors, and hope that there would be more lectures similar to these in the future.

The bilingual news translation/interpretation lecture and practical series

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