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The recent Russian attack on Ukraine not only shocked the world, but also caused the biggest humanitarian crisis in Europe since the Second World War. Professor Zamecki first explained the background of the entanglement and conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and even Poland from the historical point of view, so that the students in attendance can understand the background of the eight-year-long conflict between Russia and Ukraine in the Crimea since 2014. The war affects the current state of things in Europe, as the European Union is an international organization for economic unification, while the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is a military alliance, but Ukraine is still not a member of the EU or NATO. Based on a humanitarian position, it is hoped that the people in Russia people, under the global (not including China) economic and financial sanctions, will feel the Putin’s totalitarianism and overthrow such a regime; the world is hoping that Russia can undergo a democratic transformation of Europe and respect for universal values of humanitarianism. Prof. Zamecki also said that as a Pole, having experienced invasion and occupation of Poland by Russia in the past, Taiwan should feel a sense of crisis and to use the situation in Ukraine as a reference.

Looking at Europe through the Ukraine crisis

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