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四月中旬,適逢印尼國定節日、民族女英雄「卡蒂妮」(Kartini)誕辰,因此本校共同科目「印尼文與文化(二)」,特別邀請14項大獎提名、印尼史詩電影《卡蒂妮》的製作人Robert Ronny先生,蒞校主持此次的電影放映與映後座談。

中文名「魏遠卿」的Robert Ronny先生,紐約電影學院(New York Film Academy)畢業碩士,不但是印尼電影界著名的導演與製作人,更是一位台灣女婿(太太為台灣女生)、印尼裔新住民。

此次的電影,由授課教師何景榮在電影原本的英文字幕外,再配上中文字幕。映後座談的過程裡,同學們以中文、英文發問,Robert Ronny以英文、印尼文作答,再由授課教師何景榮協助翻譯。


Mid-April, on the occasion of Indonesia's national holiday and the birthday of their national heroine Kartini, TKU’s common course “The Indonesian language and culture II” invited Mr. Robert Ronny, the producer of the Indonesian epic film Kartini, which was nominated for 14 major awards, to host the screening of the film and the post-screening discussion.

Mr. Ronny, a graduate of the New York Film Academy, is not only a well-known director and producer in the Indonesian film industry, but also a Taiwanese son-in-law (his wife is a Taiwanese) and a Taiwanese new immigrant of Indonesian descent.

In addition to the original English subtitles, the film was subtitled in Chinese by the course instructor, Prof. Yung Keng Kim. During the post-screening discussion, the students asked questions in Chinese and English, and Robert Ronny answered in English and Indonesian, which was then translated by the Prof. Kim.

The post-screening panel was filled with questions from the students, and even after the panel ended, students continued to come forward to discuss the film with the producer in both languages. It was a very successful bilingual/trilingual panel discussion.

Indonesian Epic Film "Kartini" Screening with Chinese Subtitles
and Post-Screening Discussion with Producer and Director

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