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In his lecture today, Director General Jörg Polster started with introducing the history of the relationship between Germany and Taiwan, and gave a brief overview of the scope of operation the German Institute Taiwan is responsible for. In the lecture, the Director General also emphasized the importance of the economic and trade partnership between Taiwan and Germany, and provided data to show that for Germany, Taiwan is the number one exporting country in Asia, thus giving the audience a preliminary understanding of the Taiwan-Germany economic and trade relationship.

During the presentation, Director General Polster also mentioned the challenges faced by the world undergoing globalization today, including disruptions to the supply chain, inflation, relocation of businesses to their home countries (reshoring), and the continuing impact of COVID-19. Once the audience had an understanding of the impacts globalization is facing, Director General Polster also offered suggestions on how to deal with these impacts. That is, countries must be as flexible as possible and draft different plans for the different possibilities in the future, so as to face the possible impacts of these challenges may bring.

Globalization and anti-globalization: the impact on Taiwan-Germany relation?

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