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After a brief introduction to the culture and history of Poland, Associate Professor Zamecki led the attendees on a deep dive on the Polish mindset behind the current Russo-Ukrainian war.

First, Ass. Prof. Zamecki took the audience back to the Poland hundreds of years ago and looked back on the Polish-Russian conflict before the concept of these states had formed, and then introduced how Poland had to endure the threat from both Hitler's Nazi regime and Russia during World War II, allowing those in attendance to understand the interweaving and complex history between Poland and Russia. With this understanding in mind, Prof. Zamecki told the audience that it was because Poland knew the tragedy of the war that Poland supported Ukraine so strongly in today's Russo-Ukrainian War.

Finally, Associate Professor Zamecki shared the words of the former president of Poland, "Today Georgia, tomorrow Ukraine, the next day the Baltic Sea states, and finally perhaps my country Poland", which provided something for those who currently who lives in the time of the Russo-Ukrainian War to think about.

Poland’s national security under the Russian invasion of Ukraine

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