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一、上課時間:111/3/17至111/5/19 ,不含國定假日及期中考週,每週四下午4點到6點
(六)於課程結束後六個月內報考TOEIC/GEPT聽力及閱讀或口說與寫作,且獲同CEFR B2之英語成績,並提出申請者,該次報考費用將全額補助(每人限補助乙次)

備註:等同CEFR B2(含)以上之英語語言證照成績,TOEIC聽力與閱讀達785分(含)以上;TOEIC口說與寫作,口說達160分(含)以上且寫作達150分(含)以上;GEPT中高級初試通過;GEPT中高級複試通過。

Advanced TOEFL: winning strategies
Course name: [Advanced TOEFL: winning strategies]

I. Duration: March 17 to May 19, 2022, every Thursday 4-6 pm, not including public holidays and midterm exam week.

II. Course description:
(i) Dr. Mike Lo from the renowned South African university, the University of the Witwatersrand, is invited as lecturer.
(ii) No more than 15 students for the class.
(iii) Priority is given to undergraduate and postgraduate students with Taiwanese citizenship enrolled in the College of International Affairs. Any available spot thereafter will be offered to students from other Colleges.
(iv) Students accepted to the course will be notified by e-mail, and should come to the EMI Center within 3 working days with their student card and make a payment of 500NTD (includes teaching materials fees) for the course. Enrollment to the course is only successful upon verification and registration by the EMI Center.
(v) Students who have successfully registered for the course and attends at least seven (inclusive) weeks of the course will receive a bursary of 500 NTD as an incentive.
(vi) Students who apply for TOEIC/GEPT listening and reading or speaking and writing tests within six months after the end of the course, have obtained the score equivalent to CEFR B2, and submitted their results to the Center, shall be eligible to receive a subsidy to cover the entire cost for the test (each student can only receive the subsidy once)

English language certificate results that are equivalent or higher than CEFR B2 include: TOEIC listening and speaking test score of 785 or higher; TOEIC speaking and writing test score with 160 or higher for speaking, and 150 or higher for writing; a pass in the GEPT high-intermediate first stage; a pass in the GEPT high-intermediate second stage.

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