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Glocalization: English as the bridge for communication equals a smooth flow for cultural exchange

In order to promote English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI) to serve as an interface for a diverse range of functions on campus, The EMI Center at TKU held an EMI glocalization cultural exchange at Ching-sheng International Conference Hall on October 12, 2022, where Professor Hsiao-Chuan Chen, the Vice President for International Affairs; Dean Chien-Mu Yeh from the Office of International and Cross-strait Affairs; and Section Chief Acid Chu from the International and Cross-strait Exchange Section were invited to offer their guidance. Over 20 international students and 20 Taiwanese students attended the event, creating a lively atmosphere, and the effect of using English as a bridge for communication and cultural exchange was felt in full.

Associate Professor Ming-Huei Lin, the section chief of the EMI teaching section, indicated that six students used English to fluently introduce traditional Taiwanese delicacies; interesting customs, taboos and legends; the influence of orthodox Confucian thoughts on Taiwanese society and other topics. This was a clear demonstration that the development of EMI at Tamkang University was starting to bear fruit, while international students who were attendance indicated the content of the presentations were highly diverse, allowing them to come away with a lot. The latter also actively raised questions and shared on what was special in their own cultures and countries, leading to much interaction through the event. Towards the end of the event, the EMI Center also provided everyone with the traditional Taiwanese foods: bubble tea and gua bao, and the event ended on a perfect note of fun and active cultural exchange.

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