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The EMI Center makes friends through tea – international students taste tea on Tamsui Old Street

To allow international students at Tamkang University better understand the tea culture in Taiwan, and also to facilitate a diverse exchange with local students, the EMI Center held a tea culture and fest, where 16 international students and their study companions headed to the Yun Fong Tea Shop, a traditional tea shop with 60 years of history on Tamsui Old Street, to experience the traditional Taiwanese tea culture. Professor Hsiao-Chuan Chen, the Vice President for International Affairs, was also present and tasted the teas with the students.

The EMI Center organized tea experts to speak about the way of the tea, and in combination with the fluent and accurate interpretation provided by the local students, the cultural exchange with international students were carried out smoothly. Section chief Ming-Huei Lin from the EMI Center indicated that this event was based on bilingual communication, which not only led international students to experience the unique tea culture, but also enrich their spirit and mind. The creation of such a diverse and fantastic memory for international exchange was well received by the students present.

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