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(By Zi- Jing Zhong, Tamkang Campus) On October 26, TKU's Center for Teacher Professional Development held an EMI course observation and opinion exchange session, where Assistant Professor Hsuan-Ling Chang of the Department of Banking and Finance was invited to open up her class for
observation. Ten faculty members attended this session.

Assistant Professor Chang mainly used powerpoint presentation to talk to student about the teaching content. She did not use too many words, but rather diagrams and charts to make it easier for students to understand. The course incorporate application of a large volume of specialized terminologies, and for students to better understand the use of these terms, Ass. Prof.Chang would read out their definitions as provided in the powerpoint, and then use examples using currencies, finance, or the stock market to illustrate actual situation where these terms will be used.

In order to grab the students’ attention, Ass. Prof. Chang was also well versed in the use of iClass to interact with students in additions to the powerpoints. After each explanatory section, she would open up a iClass quiz, which not only give students more chance to think about the course content, but also allows her to get a grasp of how well the students have understood the content taught to them.

Professor Kao-cheng Wang, the Vice President for International Affairs, who attended the observation, indicated that English is incredibly important to the Department of Banking and Finance, so the demand on the lecturer’s English ability would naturally be even higher. “Assistant Professor Chang did a lot of prep for her course, which can be seen in both the content of her powerpoint presentation and the iClass interactions, and so she is a good example for EMI education.”

全英語課程觀課交流 張瑄凌老師開放「財務風險控管」課程
EMI course observation and opinion exchange: Financial risk control and management by Assistant Professor Hsuan-Ling Chang

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