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College of International Affairs, Tamkang University
EMI course end-of-semester student symposium for 1st semester of the 2021 academic year





The College of International Affairs, in line with the University's efforts to promote the implementation of the Higher Education Deep Sprout Project on the internationalization level, to enhance the effectiveness of EMI, and to promote EMI-related activities, held the end-of-semester student symposium on December 15, 2021, with undergraduates of the College and Master’s students taking EMI courses in attendance.
In his opening remarks, Dean Pao said that the President had announced in many meetings that the College would gradually transform into a college fully utilizing EMI, and today, through this symposium, he hoped that if students had any questions about the bilingual learning program or the transformation process, they would bring them up for discussion. Vice President Gao-Cheng Wang and EMI section chief Ming-Hui Lin were also invited to attend today’s meeting.

In this symposium, the students raised the following points.
1. Some undergraduate teachers often use videos or invite students to do presentations in their classes.
2. Some teachers do not give back the reports or assignments, so students only know their grade, but get no feedback and cannot learn from them.
3. Although some courses are taught in English, but students use Chinese to do their presentations.
4. The students of the Graduate Institute of Japanese Political and Economic Studies are concerned that if EMI courses are offered, they will impact on the courses that are mainly taught in Japanese.
5. Students are happy that the University is pushing this program, as EMI courses is also a type of training to them, and are really helpful for raising students’ English abilities, and they hope the University can further encourage and publicize this program so that more students will understand and take these courses.

Dean Pao's response were:
1. The problem of some teachers' teaching methods and actual teaching situations failing to meet the requirements of EMI teaching or failing to give feedback to students in a timely manner will be conveyed to the department chairs in the department chair meetings, and will request the chairs to boost guidance on this matter.
2. The College policy on EMI is only a draft and is still under development. Questions from Graduate Institute of Japanese Political and Economic Studies will be raised at the Dean's meeting after extensive discussion with faculty and students.

Vice President Gao-Cheng Wang was also in attendance and addressed the attendees:
1. The undergraduate courses in the College are already using EMI, whereas the Graduate Institutes are taking a graduated promotion approach, where a course will be defined as an EMI course as long as 70% or more of the course is conducted in English. Students are encouraged to push themselves to use English as much as possible to improve their professional English ability.
2. The English Department is also offering an English writing instruction course, which students are encouraged to take.

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