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Exchanges with lecturers of English I and II courses: consolidating the EMI foundation on campus


On October 14, 2022, the EMI Center met with English I and II lecturers of the University to communicate and exchange perspectives. Associate Professor Ming-huei Lin, section chief of the EMIT Center stated at the event that even though English I and II are not EMI courses, but the effort of the teachers in these courses plays a crucial role in the development of EMI on campus. Only when the English proficiency of students reach a certain level, can their language skills effectively support their enrollment in specialized EMI courses to learn and absorb information. The teachers in attendance affirm this, and indicated their full support for the development of EMI courses at TKU, and hopes to continue to improve themselves and refine these English courses, in order to cultivate student’s English ability and enable them to take up more
EMI courses.

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