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【Improving Students' English】

時 間:111年1月13日(星期四)17:00~20:00
地 點:淡水校園T1005會議廳 (社團法人台灣評鑑協會同步視訊)
紀 錄:葉宇珊助理
列席人員:全英語教學推動中心 徐詩涵助理、全英語教學及學習組 葉宇珊助理

   全英中心主任王高成與全英語教學及學習組組長林銘輝,於111年1月13日參加台灣評鑑協會舉辦的Improving Students' English工作坊,吸收參酌英國文化協會(British Council)及牛津大學EMI中心(Oxford EMI)之報告建議,以研擬提升本校國際事務學院學生英語能力計畫。


Workshop on the Program on Bilingual Education for Students in College

Time: 17:00-20:00, January 13, 2022 (Thurs.)

Venue: T1005 conference hall, Tamkang campus (online teleconferencing with Taiwan Assessment and Evaluation Association)

Attendees: Professor Kao-Cheng Wang, Vice President for International Affairs; Associate Professor Ming Huei Lin, Section Chief

Minutes-taker: Administrative assistant Yu-Shan Yeh

Other present personnel: EMI Center administrative assistant Han Hsu, EMI teaching and learning section administrative assistant Yu-Shan Yeh

Meeting summary:
EMI Center director Pro. Kao-Cheng Wang and section chief Dr. Ming-Huei Lin of the learning section attended the “Improve Students’ English” workshop held by the Taiwan Assessment and Evaluation Association on January 13, 2022. At the workshop, the attendees had access to reports and recommendations from the British Council and Oxford EMI training institution, which enabled them to draft the program to enhance the English skills of students in the College of International Affairs.

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