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時 間:111年4月20日(星期三)中午12時10分至14時00
地 點:淡水校園工學大樓E680室
主持人暨主講人:機械系 康尚文教授




College of Engineering EMI teaching community workshop (Department of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering)

Time: 12:10-14:00, April 20, 2022 (Weds.)
Venue: E680
Event topic: Discussion on EMI teaching experience
Moderator and speaker: Professor Shung-Wen Kang
※ The event was limited to full-time faculty from the College of Engineering Professor

Shung-Wen Kang used the discussion of EMI teaching experience as the theme, and shared his experience of teaching EMI courses in the past, and also introduced the Kahoot application, where lecturers can use the app to interact with students and increase the students’ motive for learning. After sharing his experience, Prof. Kang exchanged ideas and suggestion with the faculty member in attendance:

1. In view of the selection of TKU lecturers to go abroad to improve their English teaching skills in the past, the foreign teachers they learn from are usually not from the engineering discipline, and so the content taught to them are not directly in line with the needs of teachers in the Engineering College, so it is
recommended that appropriate adjustments are made toward this end.

2. In order to improve students' willingness to take EMI courses, future academic transcripts can clearly mark EMI courses the student has taken.

3. Some courses are not suitable to be taught in English because of their specialized content, such as compulsory specialized courses in the Department.

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