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主講人:知名美商品質分析師 羅幸婕
時 間:111年4月22日(星期五)中午12時10分至13時10分
地 點:淡水校園工學大樓E680室
主持人:吳孟倫 助理教授




College of Engineering EMI teaching community workshop (Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering)

Event topic: The effect of EMI teaching on specialized fields and an exploration of solutions
Speaker: Xing-Jie Luo, US company quality analyst
Time: 12:10-13:10, April 22, 2022 (Fri.)
Venue: E680
Moderator: Assistant Professor Meng-Luen Wu

The event invited well known US company quality analyst Xing-Jie Luo to speak on the topic. She discussed the issues that Tamkang University may run into in EMI teaching, then shared her experience in training international customer service personnel using EMI, and finally ending on a Q&A plus a summary of the lecture.

The event discussed the fact that foreign students are receptive to EMI classes, but the English proficiency of local students is widely varied. One should first eliminate students’ fear towards EMI courses, starting first in an encouraging manner, and then move onto providing preview material for students to prepare for their class beforehand, and monitor how receptive local students are towards the course in an
appropriate manner. One can also through the design of the system, such as putting foreign and local students into one group, to borrow and lean on the the strength of the former to allow students with varying English proficiency to learn together.

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